High-Quality Finish Artificial Grass in Poole For Your Garden

Are you looking to transform your garden or outdoor space? Maybe your current garden is looking a little lacklustre in the grass department. Whatever the reason, Base Surfaces Ltd can help with our artificial grass Poole. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and complete every project to the highest standard. To find out more or get a quote, please call our Ringwood office today on 01425 489 690 or 07803 829 337.

At Base Surfaces Ltd, we are proud to offer a range of NamGrass products to help our clients achieve the beautiful garden they have always wanted. We know that everyone loves a perfectly mowed lawn, but not everyone has the time or energy for the maintenance that takes. That is why, for our clients in Poole, artificial grass is a perfect choice, ensuring you never need to mow, weed, and care for your lawn again.

We provide a variety of artificial grass Poole clients can choose from, with them coming in different colours and finishes. This ensures the clients can create their desired effect while maintaining a natural appearance. All of our artificial grass is designed for outdoor use and we only use the best-rated materials available. By using the best materials we can assure our clients that their grass will be looking brilliant all year round and it will appear realistic, functional, and suit every garden.

Artificial Grass Poole

Other Services

In addition to our artificial grass in Poole, we provide a range of services for our clients including:

  • Tarmac Surfacing
  • Soft Play Surfaces
  • Resin Surfacing
  • Fencing
  • Service Trenches
  • Decking


Tarmac Surfacing

If your old driveway is cracked, broken, or has just seen better days, a new tarmac driveway could improve the visual of your property while improving the safety of it. While many new builds come with tarmac driveways and paths, older homes may not so if you want to transform your surface, get in touch. Whether you want something plain and functional or decorative, we can help you achieve it.

Soft Play Surfaces

We have years of experience working with wet pour/rubber mulch impact absorbing safety surfaces. From large playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas to smaller, more bespoke projects for schools and nurseries, we can handle it. Our team are highly trained, skilled, and qualified and we only use the best materials from trusted manufacturers for a soft play surface.

Resin Surfacing

The resin bound and bond system we provide is a highly decorative system that combines two-part polymer resin with a kiln-dried natural aggregate. Mixed together in a forced-action mixer, it is then laid on top of a suitable surface such as tarmac or concrete. This system is suitable for drives, paths, patios, courtyards, and pool and spa surrounds. It can also be used in addition to our Poole artificial grass service.


Whether you want more privacy for your garden or to feel more secure, fencing is a practical, simple, and affordable solution. We offer a wide range of different fencing solutions suitable for a variety of needs and properties. Our team can advise on the best solution for you and we can install fences alongside our artificial grass Poole.

Why We’re the Best for Artificial Grass Poole

When you decide to transform your garden in Poole, artificial grass is a great choice. It is a solution that is low maintenance and looks great all year round. Our service at Base Surfaces Ltd is the best, with us only using the best materials available. We have built up a great reputation and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Our great reputation stems from our experienced and highly trained team of professional groundworks contractors. We have all worked in both residential and commercial markets for years. Most of our new projects are recommendations from our existing client base so you can be sure that our artificial grass Poole service is high quality.

We have the perfect mix of experience and knowledge that ensures our service for artificial grass in Poole is always of the highest standard. Our experience means we know the important factors that need to be considered before we start any project. We can create flexible or fixed project timetables to suit you.

At Base Surfaces Ltd, we believe in a high-quality finish and pay attention to the small details while making sure the project runs smoothly and safely. From start to finish, you won’t find a better artificial grass Poole service.


For further information about our artificial grass Poole service, our other services, or to receive a quote, please contact us today. You can reach our Ringwood office on 01425 489 690 or 07803 829 337.